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Entertainment in Eureka Springs

Known for the Great Passion Play performed nightly during the months of April thru October.

Great Passion Play

This attraction is open year-round.  The Passion Play is America’s #1 attended outdoor drama and is in production from Good Friday through the end of August.  The entire grounds are open for tours, hiking, mountain biking, Sunday church services, petting zoo and specific seasonal attractions. One can easily find something of interest and spend an entire day here.   

(479) 253-9200
Intrique Theater

Intrigue Theater is home to some true “masters of intriguing magic”.  The illusionist are Sean Paul and Juliana Fay.  You won’t, or should I say, can’t believe your eyes.  It's an evening where you will be sitting on the edge of your seats, hold your breath and wondering what will come next.  It will be a night of laughter and unexpected surprises.  A true must see on your visit to Eureka Springs.

(855) 446-8744